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                    Natural resources

                    Our natural resources legal practice involves providing advice to junior and mid-cap natural resource sector companies on a wide range of projects, Charltons is also experienced in working with industry service providers and other natural resource sector participants including contractors, mine and plant operators, rights holders and off-takers.

                    Our qualified lawyers have extensive experience in natural resource sector capital raising and are familiar with the specific technical agreements required during each stage of a project’s development from exploration to production to rehabilitation and closure. Additionally our team is experienced in dealing with the legal aspect of the often complex issues surrounding transportation, mining and natural resources litigation, resource taxation, environmental compliance and local community issues.

                    Our experience is derived from work on a wide range of natural resource sector projects including oil and gas, precious and base metals, industrial minerals and coal. We have been involved in resource projects with assets in diverse locations including Myanmar, Chile, Peru, the DRC, South Africa, Canada, Iran, the Philippines, Afghanistan, Tibet and Papa New Guinea as well as with companies listed on stock exchanges in Hong Kong, Australia, Toronto and London. We also act for investment banks, private equity firms and financial advisers in the natural resource sector and have worked on a number of significant listings, capital market transactions, and acquisitions. Our experience in mergers and acquisitions and capital markets informs our practice, and we endeavour to combine high quality commercial advice with specific legal know-how relevant to natural resources exploration, production and end-markets.

                    With offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Yangon, Charltons is well positioned to assist natural resource sector companies doing business in China and Myanmar. Our natural resources team includes PRC qualified lawyers and is supported by Mandarin and Cantonese speaking support staff.


                    Member of the Resources and Energy Law Association

                    We are a member of the Resources and Energy Law Association (“AMLPA”).

                    Established in 1976 in Australia, AMPLA is a non-profit organisation aiming at promoting the advancement of mineral and petroleum resources related legal knowledge. AMPLA have extended the interests to include climate change, emissions trading, the environment, native title and all legal aspects of energy production and marketing in the recent years.

                    AMPLA holds National Conference rotating around Australia’s major cities each year. Its State Branches hold seminars, workshops, conference and social functions. Further, AMPLA also funds research and grants university course prizes in Australia, as well as providing lectures and short form tertiary courses in conjunction with university law schools occasionally.

                    AMPLA publish the Australian Resources and Energy Law Journal in association with the Centre for Mining, Energy and Natural Resources Law of The University of Western Australia, the Centre for Resources, Energy and Environmental Law of The University of Melbourne and The School of Law of The University of Waikato.

                    Further information in relation to AMLPA can be found at

                    Member of the Hong Kong Mining Investment Professionals Association

                    We are a member of the Hong Kong Mining Investment Professionals Association (“HKMIPA”).

                    The HKMIPA is a non-profit legal entity founded by a group of mining specialists and dedicated to serve the professionals from the mining investment industry in Hong Kong and its adjacent region. An investment centre has been established by HKMIPA allowing mining industry professionals including geologists, mining engineers, valuers, financial advisors and legal advisors to meet together for natural resource projects of various commodities.

                    Technical conferences, seminars, site visits and publications are also regularly organised by HKMIPA in order to provide its members an access to the latest development of the mining industry across the region.

                    Further information in relation to HKMIPA can be found at

                    Charltons has a thriving Hong Kong natural resources legal practice and has experience in a wide range of natural resources sector issues.

                    Natural resources legal practice


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